Homeowner Financing

How can you grow and expand your residential business and close more deals but limit your exposure to risk at the same time? Financing with a partner like Gulfeagle! Gulfeagle now offers Homeowner financing options at the best rates in the industry. Click the link below for more information.



Gulfeagle Supply understands the many diverse business needs of today’s roofing and metal contractors. Not only does your company require top quality services, but also flexible financial resources.

Gulfeagle Supply offers financial products that will support your business today and for years to come; helping you finance growth, manage risk and build wealth. With these goals in mind, we offer several financial products that can help your business grow and succeed.

Financing Options

No two business financial needs are alike. We recognize these differences and have several cash management avenues that can make everyday business easier, faster and provide you with the credit you need to support your business.

Business Credit Line

Provides the customer with payment terms that allows for charges to accumulate during one month and one-payment before the end of the following month.

Project Account Financing

Is customized credit extended on a job-to-job basis and serves as a highly efficient business accounting tool. Special payment terms are constructed to fit individual projects. Also, project financing does not use up available open credit on your business credit line.

Letters of Credit

Provide secured credit transactions and preserves operating capital at a low cost. Gulfeagle’s Financial Services Department can arrange this package with your current financial institution.

Secured Equity Financing

Allows you to no longer look to your local lender for equity financing. Gulfeagle now provides low-cost secured credit financing with minimum monthly payments, allowing you to unlock equity capital to grow your business at a low monthly expense.

Joint Check Agreements

Provide customers who are building their credit to work with both the General Contractor or Property Owner and Gulfeagle to help secure a project-based line of credit and guarantee payment to both the customer and Gulfeagle.

Business Financial Review

Can be done by our Financial Services Department to provide individual financial statement analysis and evaluation. All areas of the ongoing business are reviewed and industry comparisons are provided. The service is free of charge to Gulfeagle customers.

Contractor Forms

Form instructions: Please type in information, print, sign and return to our Credit Department email to creditapplications@gulfeaglesupply.com or fax to (813) 549-1812.

Credit Application

Job Account Form

Joint Check Form
(All Payments)

Joint Check Form
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