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Types of Roofing

If it is time to get a new roof, there are a variety of options to choose from. There are things to consider before you call a roofer and hire out the work to be done. What type of roof or material do you need or  want? How much do you want to spend and how long do you want it to last? Does the roofing material match the style of your home? With these questions in mind, here is a breakdown of the types if roofs.


Engineered – Composite, Simulated Slate

Engineered – Composite, Simulated Slate

These are made of reclaimed materials and come in a variety of colors and styles and usually simulate a slate or shake roof. They are estimated to last between 30 and 50 years and can be fairly cost efficient compared to other materials. It should work with any style of home. These products are an upgrade from shingles but are more affordable than concrete tile or slate.


Metal Panel Slate Profile
Metal Panel Slate Profile

Durable metal can be shaped to give the appearance of wood shakes or tile. This allows for the strength and longevity of metal while giving a unique look to your roof.


Mission S Concrete Tile
Mission S Concrete Tile

This can work with almost any style of home. It comes in all kinds of colors and styles, is low maintenance and very durable. Once again, it can be expensive on the front end of things but that cost is offset by the durability and lifespan. This product is heavy and the roof deck must be engineered properly to handle the weight.<


Spanish S Profile, Clay Tile
Spanish S Profile, Clay Tile


Slate Roofing

Slate-Blended, Natural

Slate roofs come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses. One can create many different looks to enhance just about any architectural style. Slate is a natural product that is mined or quarried from the earth. It is a very labor intensive product to install. Like clay and concrete tile, this product is also heavy and the roof deck needs to be engineered properly.



Asphalt shingles can be used on any house and is a great value for the money. There are lots of styles and colors. They are easy to repair and fire resistant. Asphalt shingles also offer a variety of designs from basics 3-Tab shingles to the moderate 30 Yr, to the high-end tri-laminate/shake shingles. Even a scalloped look shingle is available.




Typically made from cedar, this style of roofing material typically works with cottage, ranch and contemporary bungalows or historical homes. This product will weather from its natural wood cedar color to grey. These are expensive and are labor intensive to install. They are high maintenance and have a lifespan between 13 and 15 years if they are maintained and can offer some insulation. Fire rated wood shakes are available at an upgraded price, but are not allowed in some municipalities.


TRADITIONAL METALTraditional 5V Crimp Metal Roof

Metal roof systems typically have longer warranties, are fire retardant, are light weight and easy to install, and are resistant to insects and rot. In addition, they reflect the suns radiant heat which helps to reduce heat buildup in the attic. In general, metal roof shingles can cost two to three times the cost of traditional asphalt shingle. Though more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles, their extended life, as well as their attractive appearance, makes them a great investment for the homeowner. The typical profile is 5-V Crimp which is most commonly seen on a Key West style home.

Whatever roof you choose, a new roof will improve the look and feel of your house.